• Jill

Our Abigail

Born during a pandemic, surrounded by wildfires, on the anniversary of September 11…

our family welcomed Abigail,

our first grandchild.

What a joy! She is beautiful beyond belief. At 7 pounds 4 ounces she had to fight her way into world. Her mom labored over 30 hours, and then had to have a Cesarean Section, so that Baby Abby would be safe. But when she arrived, she had healthy lungs, and a strong voice! She will need that.

Our daughter was magnificent. Strong, and unflappable, and her husband, one hundred percent with her all the way. A perfect partnership for our little Abigail.

Now, the grandparents were a different story. We’re exhausted. And so far, all we have done is text, order take out, and second guess the doctor’s decisions!

But today was a glorious day. We welcomed Baby Abby to her home here in Berkeley. And we got to hold her while her parents settled in. It felt so natural to hold that little life, but it also felt like an awesome responsibility.

Before Abigail arrived, we fretted. A pandemic. Extraordinary heat. Destructive fires. Red skies. Racial injustice. It felt overwhelming. But in a miraculous way, in her birth, we found hope.

For Robert and me, it has a been a rebirth of the spirit.

Born during a pandemic, surrounded by wildfires, on the anniversary of September 11th…we found love in a hopeless place, and it is our Abigail.

We feel blessed in every way. And we will keep fighting to make this world a better place for our new granddaughter, our hope for the future. Our heart.

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